Los Ángeles – U.S.A

Los Angeles is, today, planned for the car. To visit it then may result in having to choose (widely speaking) between these 2 options: renting a car and having the possibility of traveling long distances, but with the big disadvantage of being inside the car most of the time and that way perceiving less of what happens around you, as well as many details that you may only see when on foot. The other options is to walk, with the big advantage of being more immersed in the city. Everybody has their own way of learning and watching a culture or an urban place, and walking is always the best way to achieve that knowledge in a more efficient way. The concentration needed for driving the car and the high limitation on the maneuverability also makes to lose the concentration on other aspects of the city and its details. It is also important to be aware, before going, that you may often be stuck in the traffic, in the avenues and the freeways. If you’re thinking on another schedule by using the public transport, plan it before going. Los Angeles has some new subway lines and a few buses, though they’re expanding this network, it’s still being developed. The blocks are bigger than in most cities around the world (especially Europe) and even when comparing to other cities in the US. I found it difficult to find places to eat in LA, with the exception of some parts of Downtown LA and some very particular streets in some districts. You may not find restaurants everywhere like in most big cities around the world. Most the places available are fast-food chains and big companies like Subway or Starbucks. Among with the transportation, this is an important tip as well. About choosing the city as a destination inside the country, I wouldn’t say it has many iconic places to visit. There’s a lot of things to see, but only if you have a lot of time in the US or if you live in the country and have a long-time vacation and you can include more stuff in your schedule. I’d recommend to just spend 2 or 3 days in LA.




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