I only stayed a few hours in Munich before taking the midnight train to Budapest, but nevertheless I could still get a feeling on the german culture. I started and ended the day in the Hauptbahnhof (train central station). In the short time I was in the city, I went to the Marienplatz, near the station, through the Neuhauser and Kaufingerstraße, both pedestrian streets. On my way to the square, I was aware of how simple the buildings were, though they looked nice. I only had this feeling on Rome, because of the similar reason of the old destroyed-city by the bombings of the Allies in the WWII and the subsequent reconstruction, even some of them loyal to the original previous designs. What I also managed to see was that the german shops (and the german people in general) care about the graphic design. I already had seen this detail on the german websites and designers when I started study graphic design several years ago, but I never saw that on the real buildings till I was in Munich. After going to the Neues Rathaus, the astounding city hall in front of the Marienplatz, I headed to the Rindermarkt, just a few blocks away. That’s when I really tasted the german food: black german saussages (back then, in 2013, I still wasn’t a vegetarian), some cool german bakeries, and the paradise of the chocolate of Homer Simpson: the Milka Store, with chocolates of 1 meter-high. If I’ve have had enough space on the plane, I’d have taken the chocolate skateboard of a half-meter high and the huge epic Toblerone bars.

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